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Optical Projector Services Milton Keynes, UK


We supply a very competitive service and calibration to existing and to new customers, all calibration equipment is fully ukas calibrated, we offer many different services from sales, contract services and calibration from 3 or 5 years, recalibration, sales of spare parts or new/used machines, hiring of projectors. Over the years we have gained some global customers which we still visit on a regular basis.


We can recalibrate your optical shadowgraph, we use glass rules with either metric or imperial sizes on them, they vary in lengths from 50mm to 300mm or 2” to 12” they are all calibrated by a UKAS certified company.


We give a very unique service with the fact the pare we hold are for new or old some are very old, we clean down the projectors to remove any oil or grime, then we check the work stage movement by lubrication with 3in1 oil, all-glass screens, stageglass, lenses, and mirrors are cleaned with a special liquid and cloths,


We sell used new parts ie glass screens, mirrors, lenses for all the manufactures, plus other spare parts on manufactures, we also sell new and used optical projectors from many manufactures off all sizes of shapes.

List of profile projectors we can supply

R14, R400,sm20,R600,R550,R770,PJ-300,PJ-3000,PJ-a3000,PJ-250,V12,V16,V14,6c,HB400,HE350,VF600,HF500,HF750, plus others.

Hiring of projectors

we offer a hire service to new or old customers, with a wide range of optical projectors in stock we can supply the correct projector, the length of hire can be from a month to year and even include a buy at end option,

Service Contract

We offer our customers or new customers a chance to save money over a long period by offering a contract of length that suits them, this offers money to save and they don’t have to worry about sorting quotes out.


When a customer or new customer get in touch with us and they have a problem with their optical projector we find out the extent of the problem and with the wide range of spare parts we hold we can be on-site to sort the problem as soon as possible to help a customer out,

Fitting Readout + scales

We offer a service to either fit new readout to an optical projector or upgrade what the customer has, this may be to enable them to measure a component or upgrade the basic x-y readout they have to a geometric, scales are fitted in different sizes depending on the size of movement this is only carried out when fitting a new readout or if fault with scale has happened, all work can be carried out on-site or in some cases it is required to do on our site,

Servicing (on or off site)
Sales (new or old)
Higher of old or new machines
Service Contracts
Rebuild (on or off site)
Fitting Readout Counters + Scales ( on or off site)


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